results for lucid test-rebuild-20100407

Matthias Klose doko at
Mon Apr 26 17:55:57 BST 2010

Results from a test rebuild [1] started on 20100407 on the Launchpad PPA 
buildd's can be found at [2].  The i386 builds did finish this weekend, about 
the half of the amd64 builds is done.  The build failures roughly match with the 
rebuilds done by Lucas Nussbaum on external hardware, minus some build failures 
which might result from different kernels used.  For all packages in main with 
build failures, bug reports were filed targeted to the 10.04 release for 
supported architectures, and targeted to 10.04 updates for the community ports.

Some caveats for interpreting the table at [2]:

  - Packages with "Failed to upload" status were removed (transient
    launchpad problems).
  - The table differentiates between current and superseded builds,
    however doesn't currently shows if a later upload to lucid
    did suceed for a superseded build, or if a later build (give-back)
    did succeed for the same upload.



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