Question regarding the new login theme and using other gdm themes

Didier Roche didrocks at
Tue Sep 29 10:52:29 BST 2009

2009/9/29 Dennis Beekman <d.c.beekman.devel at>:
> Thanks for all the info so far... al though it really puts me off ubuntu if
> it is true.
> Considering that we want company's and other commercial users to start
> installing Ubuntu, making a move to a new system wich cannot be branded or
> adapted like the original GDM a bad one.
> Company's always want they're own logo's and wallpapers to be shown on
> they're computer and if this cannot be done with ubuntu than i fear they
> will not consider using it anymore.
> In my eye's the ability to change the theming and appearance of linux is one
> of its strong points and a clear advantage over Windows... that said i am
> really worried about this development of GDM2.
> I would have expected more option to be added instead of removing all option
> all together....
> I sutainly can't sell this to my supervisor without branding... so i will
> have to look for another distro to use at this school.
> Thanks though for clearing this up and saving me some time and a lot of
> headaches trying to figure this out :-)

If you take a look at last night's update, new GDM update
(2.28.0-0ubuntu7, cf enables
setting a different background than the user's one. It basically just
changes the gconf key associated to the "gdm" user, setting a
different wallpaper.

You can have a look there:
It should be easy to create your own branded gtk theme and background,
changing then the gconf key.


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