Karmic touch pad request

Aaron C. de Bruyn aaron at heyaaron.com
Mon Sep 28 16:04:23 BST 2009

> As I said, many users find it confusing and hard to use. Users who like
> it, tell me that *all* users like it. Users who don't like it tell me

With all due respect Rick, I never said that all users like it, but I did
presentet a case why I thought it should be enabled by default along
with the 'disable touchpad while typing'.  No one has provided a concrete
reason why it should not be that way, and most of the arguments seem to be
centered around not wanting to accidentally click or move the mouse while
typing.  Everyone seems to forget the 'disable touchpad while typing' option
3 seconds after I mention it.

I remember what it was like before the 'disable touch...' option.  To this
day out of habit, I tap the hardware disable switch before I start typing.
I *know* how annoying it used to be.

But for the last week or so I have kept my hardware switch enabled, and I
haven't had a single instance of accidentally clicking or moving the mouse.

So once again, can anyone think of a good reason to keep tap to click disabled?

> Not that we are past beta freeze, it is time to take our best guess and
> ship the beta and see what kind of feedback comes in from a larger group
> of users.

I'm not too familiar with the freeze process, but is this something that
can get slipped in after this beta freeze but before the next beta release?


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