Karmic touch pad request

Rick Spencer rick.spencer at canonical.com
Mon Sep 28 14:30:41 BST 2009

On Sun, 2009-09-27 at 15:01 -0700, Aaron C. de Bruyn wrote:
> e shouldn't just change for change sake or that change != regression.  So what?  That's not the argument.
> Several people have provided reasons why it should be enabled.
> No one can give me a good reason why it should be disabled by default.

As I said, many users find it confusing and hard to use. Users who like
it, tell me that *all* users like it. Users who don't like it tell me
that *no* users like it. Both groups tell me that for the insane users
on the other side of the equation they can easily change the setting.

Not that we are past beta freeze, it is time to take our best guess and
ship the beta and see what kind of feedback comes in from a larger group
of users.

Cheers, Rick

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