Karmic touch pad request

Laurent moky.math at gmail.com
Mon Sep 28 17:07:47 BST 2009

> But for the last week or so I have kept my hardware switch enabled, and I
> haven't had a single instance of accidentally clicking or moving the mouse.

When I began with my laptop, I did had many instances of accidentally 
clicking or moving the mouse.
We don't use our computer the same way, my hand is larger than your, my 
touchpad is bigger ... I dont't know. The *fact* is that we have 
different experiences.
> So once again, can anyone think of a good reason to keep tap to click disabled?
See my first answer.
So, once again, there are people who like, people who don't like and we 
will probably never know the exact percentage of the population who 
enter in each category. One has to make a choice; Ubuntu did a choice. 
Wait and see for a larger feedback.

Have a good afternoon

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