Merging with Bazaar

Robert Collins robertc at
Fri Nov 20 19:20:26 GMT 2009

On Fri, 2009-11-20 at 07:22 -0600, James Westby wrote:

> Thanks for trying this. The import-upstream command that you propose is
> already available as merge-upstream (as a merge is being performed as
> it includes the uupdate step). I know that there needs to be a wiki page
> for this operation, but I'm interested in any other ideas you have for
> ensuring that others don't miss this command.
> Also, it would be very valuable to me if you could retry the experiment
> using merge-upstream and let me know your feedback.

As a first step, I'd fix 'bzr help plugins/builddeb' to contain your
HOWTO, list of commands and other such things.

That is, put stuff in your package docstring.

Could merge upstream have version number guessing?

I wonder if an import-* name makes more sense, as you can certainly
import-and-not-merge but you can't merge-without-importing.

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