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Robert Collins robertc at
Thu Nov 12 05:52:35 GMT 2009

On Mon, 2009-11-09 at 11:25 -0500, James Westby wrote:
> Yes, this is one area that is lacking. I'm keen to fix that, and it's
> on the wiki so I'm keen for you to help too.
> If you can tell me the tasks you want to complete then we can write
> documentation for doing them. 

We've run an experiment here at the Bazaar/Launchpad Ubuntu-focused
bazaar sprint with bzr-builddeb and packaging.

We updated (aiming to achieve an 'uupdate') using bzr builddeb. 

pristine-tar's data is stored in revision properties. What we ended up
doing was:
bzr branch lp:ubuntu/foo
dch etc etc
bzr builddeb -S
bzr revert
bzr import-dsc

which made it all work.

An import-upstream command would be lovely - so that we could do:
bzr branch lp:ubuntu/foo
bzr merge lp:foo
bzr import-upstream (would tag a commit based on the current pending
merge (or on tip if there isn't a pending merge) and replace the pending
merge (or add one if there isn't one) with the imported tarball revid.
dch etc etc
bzr builddeb -S

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