Bringing Mercurial (hg) into main

Alexander Konovalenko alexkon at
Sun Nov 8 14:31:09 GMT 2009

I'm interested in having mercurial included into main for lucid.

The reason is plain: as a user, I need timely and professional updates
whenever a security vulnerability or a data loss bug is discovered in
Mercurial. That's all. But universe doesn't provide that.

Security support is essential because I will sometimes work with
untrusted data and servers (e.g. fetching some unfamiliar code for
review). Data loss bugs are an issue because I'm going to store some
of my code using Mercurial. (As far as I know, it is quite stable by
now, so such bugs are unlikely to occur.)

Is there anything that prevents Mercurial from entering main now?

How can I help?

 -- Alexander

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