Kev Ludlam kev at zigzag-lighting.co.uk
Sun Nov 8 02:17:25 GMT 2009

Hi developers. I am a moderately computer literate user with enough
skills to get myself into trouble but not enough to get out again.I have
tried jaunty for a while and recently downloaded 9.10. Apart from
keyboard and mouse not working and wifi switch problems on my dell
vostro 1320, I am desparate to like ubuntu. As a 'layman' I would like
to offer you some advice - if Ubuntu is ever going to be a reasonable
alternative to windows, no user should ever need to use the terminal.
I'm sure it is very useful if you know the commands, but all users ever
want to do is click on a box - YES I want to install this program or NO
I don't. Most users are technically ignorant and can cope with nothing
more. I am quite experienced but still find it annoying and unnecessary.
Please sort it out before Lynx! ( and if you can cure the wifi switch
fault on the vostro that would be great too - it always thinks it is
switched off on start-up, then tries to connect to the  wifi when you
switch it off!)


Zigzag lampy 

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