-nvidia upgrade issues

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 5 09:43:51 GMT 2009

Mario Limonciello [2009-11-04 17:08 -0600]:
> I see three potential improvements to Jockey for this scenario.
>    1. Have Jockey be able to work in an interactive frontend.  If the
>    package install behavior is modified to query if the headers are yet
>    available, then you can more nicely present this information to the user

What do you mean by "interactive frontend"? For debconf you mean?
I'm afraid that requires a rewrite of Jockey, since it's currently
frontend <-> dbus <-> backend <-> python-apt, so the backend doesn't
have X access. I'm afraid this isn't SRUable.

>    2. Have Jockey check for the headers for the current kernel before even
>    starting to install the packages.
>    3. Before modifying the xorg.conf, do the equivalent of a modinfo nvidia
>    to determine if the nvidia kernel module is indeed created.  Show a
>    warning/error otherwise.

Those make a lot of sense. I'll see to fixing those ASAP and SRU them.



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