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Hello all,

Some of you might be interested in participating into the new
cross-distro devroom concept at FOSDEM (discussions about that should go
on the dist2010 mailing list mentioned in the forwarded mail below, I

More about the distro miniconf at: http://fosdem.org/2010/distrominiconf

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A *devroom* is a room in which projects can organize their own schedule made
of presentations, brainstorming and hacking sessions. Our goal is to
stimulate developer collaboration and cross-pollination between projects, and
as such we strongly favor projects with similar goals and domains to host a
devroom together.

*Distribution projects:* As every year we only have a limited number of
rooms, yet every year more and more individual distributions request a
Developer Room at FOSDEM. We do not want to have to choose between them, but
instead push our mission of a collaboration platform and cross-pollination
even further. We will host mixed distribution rooms where talks and sessions
will be organized *by topic*. Contributors from all distributions are welcome
to join in order to participate, attend, propose topics and sessions. To do
so, please subscribe to the distro mailinglist [1].

.... What we offer:

  * a room on Saturday and/or Sunday,
  * a video projector (with VGA cable)
  * power (C/E plugs)
  * wired (RJ-45) network with Internet access at the speaker's desk,
  * best-effort shared wireless Internet access (a and b),
  * publication of the schedule on the FOSDEM website, including speaker bios
    and talk abstracts.

.... Conditions for requests:

  * preference for requests with a general topic, eg. from projects with
    similar goals/domains,
  * be involved in Free or Opensource Software (the projects produce and
    release software under an opensource license or otherwise contributes to
    opensource activities and communities),
  * send us a devroom request before 2009-11-22 as described below,

Distribution talks are organized collectively on the distro mailinglist [2].
Others can request a devroom by submitting the form below. For further
questions, contact devrooms at fosdem.org [3].
The number of available rooms is limited so the FOSDEM organization will
select the proposals that can get a devroom.

*Key Dates:*
2009-11-22: Deadline for devroom requests
2009-11-29: Acceptance notification of devrooms
2010-02-06 to 2009-02-07: FOSDEM 2010


For more information, or to fill in the form check out:

[1] http://lists.fosdem.org/mailman/listinfo/dist2010
[2] http://lists.fosdem.org/mailman/listinfo/dist2010
[3] mailto:devrooms at fosdem.org

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Jan Claeys

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