Mentoring program / fixing WiFi bugs

Andrew Wood ajwood at
Mon Nov 2 19:09:41 GMT 2009


Im interested in getting involved with Ubuntu development, Ive done
Linux C/C++ user space apps before and am currently learning about
writing device drivers.

Ive heard about the mentoring program and am getting irritated by the
fact that WiFi connections on Ubuntu seem to keep 'dropping out' whilst
our Windows & Mac machines work on the same network without a problem.

I would be interested in looking into whats causing this under the
mentoring program if this is possible but am not sure where to turn?

As an example of the sort of problems Im experiencing - Ive had to type
in my WEP key about 4 times whilst typing this message!
It was problematic with Hardy but Karmic is even worse. I had hoped it might have fixed it.


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