Lucid auto-syncing with Debian testing

Bryce Harrington bryce at
Sun Nov 1 23:18:09 GMT 2009

On Sun, Nov 01, 2009 at 11:36:44PM +0100, Michael Bienia wrote:
> On 2009-11-01 13:10:11 -0800, Robbie Williamson wrote:
> > Note that our synching from testing is *only* for the LTS release.
> That I've understood, but this still leaves the question about our
> development tools, like MoM or requestsync. Should they be modified (or
> has it perhaps already happend?) to work against Debian testing for lucid
> (and changed back to unstable for lucid+1)?

Seems pretty certain they should be modified, just a question of if that
work's been done.

> And how should the sponsoring teams process with sync request from
> unstable? Reject them if no rationale to sync from unstable is given?
> Modify them to sync from testing instead?

Assuming requestsync is updated to by default request syncs against
testing, I wouldn't imagine this to be happening by accident very
frequently, and given that it wouldn't seem to add value to add
additional bureaucracy to the process.

> And what about a proper announcement of this? I don't know if all
> developers know already about it and what implications it has on current
> processes.

Fwiw, this thread was the first I'd heard about this.  (At least, that I
can recall... maybe it was mentioned at one of the conferences but I
don't remember.)

> This should be announced properly on u-d-a.



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