Lucid auto-syncing with Debian testing

Michael Bienia michael at
Sun Nov 1 22:36:44 GMT 2009

On 2009-11-01 13:10:11 -0800, Robbie Williamson wrote:
> Note that our synching from testing is *only* for the LTS release.

That I've understood, but this still leaves the question about our
development tools, like MoM or requestsync. Should they be modified (or
has it perhaps already happend?) to work against Debian testing for lucid
(and changed back to unstable for lucid+1)?
MoM will be pretty useless during lucid development if it still
continues to prepare merges against unstable. And requestsync needs to
be told to request a sync from testing instead of it's default of

And how should the sponsoring teams process with sync request from
unstable? Reject them if no rationale to sync from unstable is given?
Modify them to sync from testing instead?

Those are questions this page doesn't answer (if I haven't overlooked
something). And I guess there are some more of our processes affected by
this change.

And what about a proper announcement of this? I don't know if all
developers know already about it and what implications it has on current
processes. This should be announced properly on u-d-a (that's the
channel I expect to see such announcements) as it's a pretty important
change compared to all past development cycles. And this should be done
before lucid opens and people start uploading merges against unstable
like they done till now when the archive opens for the new release.


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