Lucid auto-syncing with Debian testing

Robbie Williamson robbie at
Sun Nov 1 21:10:11 GMT 2009

Please see

Note that our synching from testing is *only* for the LTS release.


On Sun, 2009-11-01 at 13:51 +0100, Michael Bienia wrote: 
> Hi,
> as I just read on, lucid is going to
> auto-sync with Debian testing instead of Debian unstable.
> As I consider this an important change compared to current processes, I
> was wondering if this will be announced on u-d-a or has every developer
> to find it out by himself? Did I miss any other important changes I
> might need to know as a developer?
> How will this affect development?
> - Is it still possible to sync with Debian unstable if needed? Or only
>   with Debian testing?
> - Do we need to update our tools?
>   - Will MoM ( list pending merges against testing or
>     still against unstable?
>   - Should we change requestsync to file sync requests from testing
>     instead of unstable? Or will they all get synced from testing even
>     if the title mentions unstable?
> Michael

Robbie Williamson <robbie at>

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