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On Sun, 2009-03-29 at 22:36 +0100, (``-_-´´) -- BUGabundo wrote:
> Olá Scott e a todos.
> On Thursday 26 March 2009 10:24:40 Scott Kitterman wrote:
> > It's hard enough to keep straight about bugs with Ubuntu packages without getting other bugs based on different packages that aren't in Ubuntu.
> Arent packages on PPAs meant to get the same treatment as packages on Archive?
> Isnt Ubuntu _just_ another project on Launchpad, or is it getting special treatment?
No they are not. Any random person can upload a package to Launchpad,
but packages uploaded to the archive have a certain guarantee about
their quality and whatnot.
> Please Scott understand that I'm only trying to understand why shouldnt users be allowed to open bugs on PPAs applications with the same bug tool kit as those in Archive.
I think it's more of assigning the bug to the correct place. Because
these bugs aren't really in Ubuntu, but in a PPA (which is considered a
3rd party repository), the bugs don't really belong to Ubuntu unless
they can be reproduced on the packages in the official Ubuntu archives.

However, I believe that eventhough the bugs don't really belong in
Ubuntu, they do belong somewhere. There should be some way to report and
track bugs in PPAs, but this is a Launchpad issue.

Chow Loong Jin
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