aufs based upgrade tests

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Mon Mar 16 08:14:18 GMT 2009

Hey Michael,

Michael Vogt [2009-03-13 19:19 +0100]:
> The idea discussed with Evan Dandrea (and others) was to create a
> writable overlay into /tmp on top the systemdirs in "/" and then run
> the release upgrade.

That's a great idea!

Some questions:

 * Is it possible to use some different directory than /tmp/ ? My root
   partition doesn't have enough space; could that be set in the
   configuration file?

 * Once the upgrade is complete, why throw away /tmp? If I use a
   different directory, couldn't we have some bits in initramfs which
   check for those and re-mount the aufs? Then after reboot, if
   everything seems to work, could another tool copy back the aufs
   contents to the real file system, to "commit" the upgrade? Or
   doesn't that work for some reason?


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