aufs based upgrade tests

Lars Wirzenius lars at
Mon Mar 16 09:39:05 GMT 2009

ma, 2009-03-16 kello 09:14 +0100, Martin Pitt kirjoitti:
> Hey Michael,
> Michael Vogt [2009-03-13 19:19 +0100]:
> > The idea discussed with Evan Dandrea (and others) was to create a
> > writable overlay into /tmp on top the systemdirs in "/" and then run
> > the release upgrade.
> That's a great idea!
> Some questions:
>  * Is it possible to use some different directory than /tmp/ ? My root
>    partition doesn't have enough space; could that be set in the
>    configuration file?

Better yet, have it obey $TMPDIR.

>  * Once the upgrade is complete, why throw away /tmp? If I use a
>    different directory, couldn't we have some bits in initramfs which
>    check for those and re-mount the aufs? Then after reboot, if
>    everything seems to work, could another tool copy back the aufs
>    contents to the real file system, to "commit" the upgrade? Or
>    doesn't that work for some reason?

I thought /tmp was getting cleared up by the normal bootup routines.
Thus, if you set TMPDIR to something else than /tmp, you get to keep the
upgraded system, yes?

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