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Raymond Lillard rlillard at
Wed Mar 4 03:06:34 GMT 2009

Scott Kitterman wrote:
> In short, I think this changes solves no actual significant problem yet 
> intoduces many.  I've seen many specific complaints from quite a number of 
> users of the development release and I don't see anything other than 
> armwaving and "trust us, we're U/I experts" in response.
> I know that sounds harsh, but that's how I see it.

I'm not a Linux developer, but I've used Linux as my
primary desktop for more than a decade, having started
playing with it somewhere around 1995.  For those who
have no Linux experience from that time, recompiling
kernels was a requirement to get anything like full
functionality of one's h/w.

I have resisted commenting on this topic, even tried
ignoring it for nearly a week, but I've been pushed
over the edge, so here is my viewpoint.

I agree with Scott, leave the notifier alone.  The
little star-burst and arrow thingys are just fine.

A system-modal pop-up will really piss me off.

An automatic update, whether rammed down my throat
or done surreptitiously when I wasn't looking,
would be for me, grounds to move on.

I'd really like to see all the energy wasted on this
notifier business put into fixing Gnome bug #187540.

Now you guys go and do whatever you decide to do and
I will make a decisions too.  There are other distros
and I can use any of them.  For now, Ubuntu provides
me the best working environment with the least effort
on my part.  As long as that continues, I will use
Ubuntu, when not, I will move on.

If the project wants to focus on users with a different
perspective than mine, go for it.  I'm sure Ubuntu will
survive w/o my using it and I am fully aware that it is
s/w provided for free for which I am suitably grateful.

Regards all,

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