Murphy prohibits Ubuntu 9.04 installation

Ante Karamatić ivoks at
Sat Jun 13 19:55:54 BST 2009

Elmar Krieger wrote:

> *) Having given up on installation, I tried to reach my goal with just 
> the life version. First task: connect to the Internet with mobile HSDPA 
>   (Huawei E220 modem). I was amazed to see the modem recognized, a 
> window offered me to select my provider. Mine wasn't there, so I picked 
> the closest in the same country. Got a message to click the 'wireless 
> icon' to connect. But this icon did not appear anywhere, so I gave up 
> and simply copied over my bash script for connecting manually.

It's not for your provider, but it has nice pictures and could help you
find out how to edit connection so that you could use it for your own
provider. Of course, it might help you notice the icon:

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