Murphy prohibits Ubuntu 9.04 installation

Mackenzie Morgan macoafi at
Sat Jun 13 18:40:11 BST 2009

On Saturday 13 June 2009 10:44:19 am Elmar Krieger wrote:
> Dear Ubuntuers,
> here is my feedback to help you improve Ubuntu:
> *) In the boot menu of the Ubuntu 9.04 AMD64 CD, I chose to install 
> right away. I have ~12 different Linux partitions on my hard disk, so I 
> need to partition manually. This doesn't work however, because the 
> installer tries to display all 12 partitions, which exceeds the 
> horizontal screen resolution and makes all buttons on the right side 
> invisible and thus inaccessible. I did not try to press invisible 
> buttons randomly with <Tab> and <Return>, since that's suicide when 
> partitioning the harddisk ;-). If there are keyboard shortcuts to scroll 
> the screen horizontally, you really need to mention them.

If you hold down Alt and click anywhere on the window, you can drag it off the 
screen to the left.  Though I thought that bug about the partitioner being 
huge was was certainly reported during unstable.  I'd suggest trying 
the Alternate (text-install) CD.

> *) 2nd try: I booted the life version from CD and clicked the 'Install' 
> icon. This gave me a short message like 'Could not run ubiquity, 
> Input/Output error'. This smelled like a CD problem, so I verified the 
> iso's md5sum and chose to verify the CD in the boot menu. No problems 
> were found.

I've had it turn out to be the CD drive's fault when the disk was OK but such 
errors still popped up.

> *) Having given up on installation, I tried to reach my goal with just 
> the life version. First task: connect to the Internet with mobile HSDPA 
>   (Huawei E220 modem). I was amazed to see the modem recognized, a 
> window offered me to select my provider. Mine wasn't there, so I picked 
> the closest in the same country. Got a message to click the 'wireless 
> icon' to connect. But this icon did not appear anywhere

Top panel on the right, there wasn't a networking icon (could've looked like 
two screens, just like in Windows, if disconnected)?

Mackenzie Morgan
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