Call to developers: please update the brainstorm "in development" ideas (list inside)

Nicolas Deschildre ndeschildre at
Wed Sep 17 20:06:41 BST 2008


The beta freeze is coming soon, it's time to update the status of
Brainstorm ideas!
I've been marking "in develoment" ideas in Brainstorm as done when
possible ( ),
but some of them are beyond my knowledge. Could you enlighten me
and/or update the idea status field accordingly concerning these ideas

#10701 : Enhance Driver manager : Martin?
#8743 : gecko in deb file in the repositories : a developer commented
that we would package wine-gecko. Any news?
#190 : work on printer drivers : How is the printer driver autodownload doing?
#2236 : List of installed kernels should not grow : Is it finally done?
#64 : Use packagekit to improve standardization : dropped?
#6337 : easy way to create private secure encrypted folders through
nautilus : I'm seeing the package is ready, but the latest CD build
does not deploy it. Will it be included by default?
#298 : Open Office Extras : Can we now easily install additional
dictionnaries with the extensions manager?
#9246 : Tool for easy migration of wubi install to native  ?
#6177: Include Wine-doors in the repositories : not yet, and since we
are past feature freeze, it's too late, right?
#93 : Different wallpapers on different monitors/workspace : This was
a Google summer of code project. Anyone from Gnome knows if that has
been merged?


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