Announcing the Ubuntu Manpage Repository

Thilo Six T.Six at
Tue Sep 9 19:45:15 BST 2008

Dustin Kirkland wrote the following on 06.09.2008 02:10

> I just thought I'd mention that a new resource available to the Ubuntu
> user and developer communities, the Ubuntu Manpage Repository:
>  *
> This site aims to be a comprehensive collection of HTML viewable
> manpages included in Ubuntu 

<- *snip* ->

Hi :-Dustin   ;)

I just wondered and therefore would like to ask if it is planed to have links
to those manpages mentioned above from within ?

I figure that usefull.

(Sorry if that's already discussed elsewhere, i only knew first about 'm.u.c'
from your announce.)

...and want to add...
You already received some bash... ahh critics. Thanks for working on that
service. It really would be nice to have 'man' make uninstalled manpages

bye Thilo

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