Staging area for hardy-proposed ?

Michael Vogt michael.vogt at
Thu Jun 5 16:57:01 BST 2008

On Thu, Jun 05, 2008 at 05:26:57PM +0200, Matthias Klose wrote:
> Michael Vogt schrieb:
> > I'm speficially having the example of in mind (just
> > because its a complex package, not to pick on it).
> > 
> > In hardy we have 2.4.0. In hardy-proposed we have
> > 2.4.1~rc2. needs matching (or
> > other languages) packages. Those match the exact version of the
> > they are build against (Depends: ooo (>= 2.4.0), ooo
> > (<< and they come from a different source package than OOo.
> This specific problem is in the OOo packaging, where the overly strict
> dependencies were taken over from Debian, and the more loose dependencies in
> Ubuntu were dropped. It should be fixed in OOo.
> IMO, it's better to use uploads to -proposed in general, and a PPA for known
> problematic packages if those cannot be fixed.

I agree, I think we should only use this special PPA for packages that
need it (very few I think) and use the regular -proposed for "normal"


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