usplash missing for AMD64 users

Saïvann oxmosys at
Tue Jan 22 13:26:11 GMT 2008

* Tollef Fog Heen
> * Saïvann 
> | Launchpad bug #147623 describe a problem that all AMD64 ubuntu users
> | with nvidia driver have, they don't see any usplash logo at boot.
> This is incorrect.  I'm using the nvidia driver and usplash works just
> fine for me with my GeForce 7600GS.
Do you use ubuntu for AMD64 architecture ? Just want to be sure of this
because I did not see any nvidia card working yet on AMD64 ( on a fresh
install without special kernel command lines ).
> We're not using vesafb and haven't for quite a while, so I suspect
> this is not our problem.  (That is, unless people are passing vga= or
> video= arguments on the kernel command line, but I suspect they're not.
Thanks for these informations.


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