Short Gutsy Upgrade Report

Jono Bacon jono at
Fri Sep 28 10:37:16 BST 2007

Hi all,

Last night I upgraded to Gutsy and whil the migration was pretty damn
good, there were a few quirks here and there. I figured I would document
these and send them on, hopefully they will be useful.

>> trackerd run out of memory

After an upgrade to the Gutsy beta, trackerd started indexing my data
and a few hours in threw up an error box stating it had crashed and
could not send a bug report as the system was out of memory. I have a
large home directory with a lot of music files there, which could have
caused it to be an issue.

One other related issue is that I *was* running Beagle, and after the
upgrade I saw that beagled was still indexing, so I removed Beagle from
my system to use tracker.

>> compiz alt-tab not a smooth zoom

After a recent upgrade to the gutsy beta I restarted my system and
compiz was not switched on by default, I enabled it and when I alt-tab,
the alt-tab scroller appears over my desktop, and the desktop shrinks
and has a black border, when the alt-tab is released it returns to the
normal desktop. The problem is that when the desktop shrinks (with
alt-tab) and goes back to normal (letting go of alt-tab) it does not
animate and scale and looks irritatingly jumpy.

General Thoughts

 * I find the X configuring GUI pretty impossible to use - I plugged in
an external monitor and tried to configure it (as Screen 2) with no
luck. In fact, it hosed my org.conf and my system booted into safe-mode.

 * The Bluetooth panel applet seemingly does nothing for me - with it I
cannot send pictures to my computer, or connect to a modem. What is it

 * In the upgrader, it provides an ETA of an hour and something while
installing the packaging, and then immediately jumped to Cleaning Up.


Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager
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