Emmet Hikory emmet.hikory at
Tue Sep 25 00:47:48 BST 2007

Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> You might consider renaming UbuntuDevelopment to DeveloperGuide (or renaming
> the packaging guide) for consistency; if so, remember that it is linked from
> as well.

    I believe UbuntuDevelopment is a better name for the base page, as
there is a fair amount of information regarding processes and teams
that is interesting to non-developers.  DevelopersGuide may restrict
the audience in such a way that it renews common questions such as
"How is Ubuntu developed?", "Who develops Ubuntu?", etc.  For those
asking "How can I help?", I suspect that both names are likely to
appear when searching, and so DevelopersGuide would add little
recruitment value.


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