Future of the Packaging Guide

Daniel Holbach daniel.holbach at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 19 10:29:16 BST 2007

Hello everybody,

Jordan Mantha started the discussion about moving the Packaging Guide
from DocBook in the Doc Team SVN to the Ubuntu wiki:

In order to get more opinions and input on this, we decided to move the
discussion over here.

I try to sum up the pros and cons of the discussion here:

=== Cons ===

      * probably no nice printable version
      * malicious editing, harder to have QA for it
      * work to get the DocBook -> Moin transition right
      * what happens to the packaging-guide package?
      * licensing

=== Pros ===

      * much easier to edit
      * more accessible to everybody
      * benefits of being able to easier merge docs or link from wiki
        pages to others
        (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CategoryMOTUUbuntuPackagingMerge lists
        a few apges, I'd merge into the Packaging Guide)
      * more discoverable
      * best way to deal with our manpower

There were other proposals during the discussion:

      * moving the packaging-guide from svn to bzr
      * making it formal part of the MOTU process to contribute patches
        to it
      * asking new contributors to update the documentation of FAQ in
        return for answered questions
      * splitting the whole MOTU namespace into PackagingGuide
        UbuntuDevelopment and MOTU and exercise caution to keep it that

Please follow up on the thread, having good and well-maintained
documentation is crucial to getting more developers on board.

Have a nice day,

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