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Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Fri Oct 5 08:55:36 BST 2007

Hi Aaron,

Aron Sisak [2007-10-03 16:07 +0200]:
> Based on the answer from Martin, I volunteer trying to keep Tor packages
> up-to-date in the Gutsy release.

Great! Thanks for your interest. In the light of this, I cancel the
removal request in #147987.

>  This also involves eventually putting "critical" new versions into
>  Hardy and making SRUs / backport candidates to Gutsy, once we have
>  released Gutsy / opened Hardy. Based on the fact that the Debian
>  developers seem to update them fairly soon after the upstream
>  release, this seems feasible.

I agree. Once we did it a few times, I expect the workflow to become
pretty smooth.

> I am using now Tor (from Debian unstable) on Gutsy that gets
> hopefully synced soon as a first step.


> On the other hand pushing SRUs back to Feisty and / or Dapper (and maybe
> Edgy) is a harder issue, since I don't have computers that would run
> these releases, and even if I have some virtual machines, I never used
> tor on them, so it would be hard to provide "real-life" testing.

I agree. Let's just ignore those releases for now then, unless someone
else is using tor on those releases and would like to provide testing
for SRUs.

Thank you!


Martin Pitt
Ubuntu Developer
Debian Developer

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