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Sat Nov 24 12:05:12 GMT 2007

On Saturday 24 November 2007 11:37:48 Matt Zimmerman wrote:

> It's a bit too abstract for me to provide much comment, as it's not clear
> how this would change things significantly.  

I think you may have missed the link to the full proposal in my post; I'm 
repeating it here:

Please check it out for all the gory details.
In an nutshell, the proposal is meant to:

1) Facilitate the access for people which have not yet contributed mainly 
because of the lack of understanding about the basic tools and processes we 

2) Structure the process and requisites for contributors that want to become 

3) Cover different types of mentoring. Some mentors or would-be mentors do not 
want to deal with complete newbies and are not willing to spend their time 
going through the very basics. Other mentors or would-be mentors do not feel 
yet ready to help people with more advanced skills and needs and are more 
comfortable helping complete newcomers.

> Is the idea to provide separate documentation resources?

No. I think we should keep a unique coherent set of documentation.

> To recruit different groups of people to help with the two stages?

In the current proposal we leave to the would-be mentor the choice of helping 
with either or both stages. Let me stress that right now, the availability of 
mentors is the only blocking factor for the implementation of this proposal.

> How would the approach differ in practice?

From our side, we simply add the information about the availability of mentors 
for each stage and use it to pair them with mentees.
In the proposal we have proposed guidelines to mentors on how to deal with the 
two different type of needs.

> Can  you describe the proposed changes in more detail?

The above link should provide these details.

I take the occasion to reminder all developers that it is crucial for the 
success of this initiative to have your help.

Only 5 persons replied so far, all already mentoring:

3 available for stage 1 only
2 available for stage 2 only

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