Using tags to describe distribution patches, call for comments

Martin Pitt martin.pitt at
Wed Nov 21 20:47:33 GMT 2007

Bonjour, monsieur,

Sebastien Bacher [2007-11-19 15:22 +0100]:
> What do you think about those? 

I like the approach. I'll start using it in the future, too. Too bad
that I already merged all of my packages, but *shrug*, the next merge
cycle will come. :)

> Do we also need a tag indicating if the patch comes from Debian or
> Ubuntu? That would makes easier to know what we need to send
> upstream and how many Ubuntu specific changes are there

We could use a field "Origin:" for that, but I wouldn't like it to
become too specific. In general, if there is a Debian:/Upstream:
field, the patch should be there, too, either because we got it from
there in the first place, or we submitted it upstream. If neither
happened, then it is an Ubuntu specific change which should be
justified in the Rationale: field.



Martin Pitt
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Debian Developer

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