bzr for packaging

Matt Zimmerman mdz at
Fri Mar 9 00:41:06 GMT 2007

Martin and I are interested in feedback about bzr-builddeb, similar tools,
and any other practices around using bzr for packaging.

What are you doing?  What works well?  What is painful?  

Thanks for your input.

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On (26/02/07 12:31), Martin Pool wrote:
> I think there was discussion a while ago about bzr-buildpackage (??) or
> tools for maintaining packages in Bazaar.
> I do know of

I can add which is a shortened
version of the README in bzr-builddeb.

I have been developing that for a while now. It is a reasonably capable
plugin of similar level to the other similar things for different
systems, though there are a few things to work out.

However it also has some unique features that I found interesting, and
plenty more are planned. However it is only really things that I have
thought might be useful, so it would be good to discuss them with a
group of people with experience.

I would also be interested in seeing where Ubuntu are thinking of going,
and contributing some ideas to that process.

> If you have tools which do this, or an interest in how it should be
> done, could you let me know?  The Ubuntu developers are interested in
> improving it and I don't want to neglect existing work.

The other people that I know might be interested in this are Wouter,
Jelmer, Reinhard, Martin and perhaps Lars.



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