SRU policy for universe

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Thu Jan 18 07:05:36 GMT 2007

Stefan Potyra skrev:

> However I'm still not entirely convinced, that the whole process for universe 
> SRU's is optimal yet. There are also some high delays between the first 
> debdiff and three acks from motu-sru, which might be another place to fix the 
> process.

How often does it happen that a MOTU/Hopeful gets a fix turned down and 
has to start again?  If it nearly never happens, the "three acks" might 
a bit over the top and we could reduce it to one.

> Imho Jordan made a pretty good proposal, though this would kinda imply that 
> the remove-from-non-release-pockets bug is fixed. What do you think of it?

See my reply to your reply to his mail.  All in all, not too bad, but 
this is not a black or white situation, we can choose any shade of brown 
in between.  I don't think getting rid of all checks is what we should 
move to, but if you (the MOTUs) are unhappy with the current situation, 
we need to fix it.

- tfheen

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