SRU policy for universe

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Wed Jan 17 21:14:14 GMT 2007

Stefan Potyra skrev:

> My proposal is, that the motu-sru team should be able to manage the -proposed 
> queue for universe packages. The impact would be quite reduced waiting times. 
> However I don't know if thats currently possible with lp.

It's not possible with the current model.

> Other options are (also I don't know if these are possible with lp as is):
> * motu-sru can do uploads to -proposed that won't land in any queue

Also not possible directly, but I (or another archive admin, but in 
reality I'm currently the only active one) could certainly just let 
uploads to -proposed go through without any review at all and only 
require the review for uploads to -updates.  This would cut down the 
delay to a day or so.

> * any motu can do uploads to -proposed that won't land in any queue, motu-sru 
> would do the verification which is now done by archive-admins, once the 
> package is already in -proposed. Note that this might backfire, because it 
> implies somewhat to allow everything in the first place and remove the bad 
> stuff then, whereas we currently queue all stuff and allow only the good 
> pieces.

Due to a soyuz bug (or rather, missing feature), there's no way to 
remove packages from a non-release pocket (so no way to remove stuff 
from -proposed or -updates).

> Other suggestions?

While I see that the current process is problematic for MOTUs, I would 
like to ask for a little more time.  We're down two of three 
ubuntu-archive members, something we're going to discuss how to fix at 
the distro sprint next week.  Hopefully, we'll have at least one, maybe 
two more people doing archive work in two weeks which should speed up 
the process.  So, if we can have a little patience, I'm hoping the 
problem should become less severe soon.

- tfheen

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