SRU policy for universe

Tollef Fog Heen tfheen at
Wed Jan 31 07:02:58 GMT 2007

Jordan Mantha skrev:

> I talked with kiko about this today and it sounds like it's possible  
> to do. I've filed a bug against Soyuz [0] for them to make the  
> necessarily changes. 

The queue page still doesn't seem to have the links for downloading the 
source package, just the .changes file.  Maybe those are the changes he 
was talking about.

Also note that I would like to restrict it (either by policy or by 
technical means) to be for stable release updates.  While uploads to 
universe in a freeze can't touch main packages, it can end up causing 
delays due to buildd contention and I would very much not want that to 

> If that happens, are you (Matt) and the Ubuntu  
> Archive team ok with the motu-sru team (presently crimsun, siretart,  
> sistpoty, dholbach, and stevenk) approving -proposed uploads for  
> Universe? Is that a question to bring before the Technical Board?

I would need to think a little bit about it, but with the abovementioned 
restrictions, I don't think I would have a problem with it.

- tfheen

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