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I checked with AMD on this issue.  We should still be providing a
diversion.  Just because it works "right now", does not mean it will
continue to work.

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We did rebaseline against Mesa and so it is quite possible that a subset
of functionality may work.

However the OpenGL ABI specifies only a library name and a base set of
functions, but does not go so far as to define an architecture.

Mesa is just one architecture, and consequently we cannot guarantee that
we will maintain compatibility.  AMD's OpenGL implementation is
structured around a different set of requirements to the Mesa
implementation (WS performance, tuned to AMD hardware, etc vs generic
support, broad performance, multi-platform). 

If there was an intermediate library that incurred no cost to hand over
to a libGL backend, that would solve this issue.  But the underlying
issue is that OpenGL is defined at the library interface (and not the
implementation ) level, but distributions gather at an implementation level.

Regards... Matthew

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On Thu, 20 Dec 2007, Mario Limonciello wrote:

> I may have missed something here, but why is it not necessary to divert
> libGL anymore for fglrx?  I don't recall seeing any indications that
it was
> no longer being shipped with the driver?

It works just fine with mesa, and Debian did the same change before.
The benefits of it are obvious.


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