Strawman: merge main and universe

Matthias Klose doko at
Fri Dec 14 00:39:54 GMT 2007

Martin Pitt schrieb:
> Scott James Remnant [2007-12-13  0:18 +0000]:
>> (The difference being that the seed owners may set their own
>> permissions; the primary seeds that currently determine what goes in
>> main would probably keep the same work flow as they do today, the only
>> difference being that the archive admins don't need to change a
>> component after committing the seed change).
> I always have considered that a good feature actually. It's the only
> point where we control what actually goes in and out of a component
> like main. If we lose that, then any transitive dependency addition
> would automatically get supported. If it was not a manual merge, but
> an autosync, then there are no humans involved at all any more. Thus
> you end up with many packages we do not actually want to support in a
> particular seed.
> E. g. libssh2 (#173783) was introduced in a curl merge, but it's
> something we do not want to support for 5 years without at least
> making a qualified decision about it.

right, so at least the buildds need to know about seeds. what else needs to be
aware of seeds?

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