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Ted Gould ted at
Thu Dec 13 06:59:26 GMT 2007

On Wed, 2007-12-12 at 22:24 +0000, Scott James Remnant wrote:
> So the distinction is actually quite blurry.  Perhaps the separation
> still makes sense for user choice?  I don't this is true either.
> We used to have only main and restricted enabled by default, users had
> to deliberately enable universe to get the software from it.  Some time
> ago we changed this to instead be handled through the user interface,
> declaring whether or not you'd receive this strange "support" for the
> package or not.

This may be more true in the future.  With PolicyKit, perhaps a
progressive administrator would allow users to install anything on their
machines that is in main, but not Universe or PPAs.

I think for many folks that are less familiar with Linux and don't live
it day in and out (like the folks on this list) they want a set of
"good" applications.  I relate this to my friend David Uhlman who every
year gives a "top applications on Linux" talk at SCALE.  I think it's
the most boring thing ever, I tried to talk him out of doing it.  He
consistently wins honors for being voted a top talk of the conference.

I guess we can look at "main" as the "Editor's Choice" of everything
that is in Universe.  The best applications at solving problems of

Now, I like the idea of organizing users based on seeds, but I think
users would miss having a "best" or "more reviewed" category of


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