How long will 64bit Ubuntu users have to wait?

Scott Dier dieman at
Wed Sep 20 15:27:32 BST 2006

We've seen very few Core Duo machines purchased, however.  Most of our 
Dell desktops have ended up being Pentium D instead.  I expect nearly 
everything we purchase for the most part in the next 6 months to be 
Core2 Duo and the upcoming quad-core proc.

Laptops are another matter, and most of those have been Pentium M, Core 
Duo, etc.  Core2 Duo should be one of the first intel 64 bit procs to be 
seen widespread on laptops.


Hervé Fache wrote:
> I thought the brand new Intel Core Duo was 32 bits?

Scott Dier <dieman at>

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