Compiz integration

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini evandrofg at
Thu Sep 14 02:42:10 BST 2006

Em Qua, 2006-09-13 às 23:51 +0200, Soren Hansen escreveu:
> On Wed, Sep 13, 2006 at 11:13:29PM +0200, Fabio Berta wrote:
> > Quinn mentioned that one reason gconf was dropped were the gnome
> > dependencies. But aren't we talking about ubuntu here? Standard
> > desktop is gnome. You don't remove gconf from metacity because it has
> > gnome dependencies, do you? Same goes for compiz, if it is used with
> > gnome, which it is in ubuntu, gconf is the best option.
> I disagree. Making things easier if you choose to use GNOME is fine, but
> to force people to use GNOME to get access to nifty stuff like compiz
> when there's a way to avoid that sort of lock-in is not ok.
> Also, don't forget about Kubuntu and even Xubuntu.

Kubuntu and Xubuntu can use their own plugins with different
configuration systems, compiz was designed to work optimally with all
desktops from the start.

For Ubuntu, GConf support is important not just for consistency with
GNOME, but for other reasons as well (system administrators would really
appreciate it, for example). After reading Quinn's reply about the issue
I don't think these things were taking into consideration.

IMO Quinn's modified compiz should probably be renamed to something
other than compiz, and the Ubuntu compiz packages should be based on the
upstream version. Since both would be in universe at this time I don't
think people would have a problem with this, until of course comes the
time to add one of them to main, which is when flamewars will begin. :)

At this time I've had much better luck with the upstream version, but
things can change of course.


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