qt4 in ubuntu

Egon Kocjan egon at krul.ath.cx
Sun Sep 10 22:20:45 BST 2006


I am developing a qt4 application, which I also distribute for different linux 
distros. I have used a simple approach - statically compile qt4 and libpng, 
create rpm and then convert the rpm to deb with alien. This approach works, 
but I would like to support debian distros (and rpm based as well) a bit 

I have noticed, that dapper has qt 4.1.2. This presents a problem, since this 
release contains at least one annoying bug*, which breaks my app.
- Is the best way to support dapper to simply continue creating static 
package? I would like to avoid making ugly workarounds, since I already had 
to make some for the latest 4.1.4...
- Will the situation change (bugfix backport?), when qt4 enters main?
- What happens, if I am lucky and my package gets included in debian/ubuntu 
and some future release of qt breaks my app again?

Egon Kocjan

* The bugs, that I remember right now:

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