Notes on Beryl

Pavel Rojtberg pavel at
Tue Oct 31 18:28:42 GMT 2006

John Stowers schrieb:
> My summation of that thread:
> The option of porting compiz plugins to metacity seems to be out of
> the question.
> Improving compiz to behave the same as metacity and then making them
> use the same, sane defaults seems the likely solution.
thanks for pointing this out and also for posting gandalfn repositories.
Now that I've tried gandalfn compiz (edgy-dev), I tend to agree with the 
metacity developers and I think it is out ouf question that ubuntu 
should use the vanilla compiz.

* gtk-window-decorator follows metacity settings
* very sane defaults
* easy to use gnome-compiz-preferences
* fedora devs are working on it

I would even say that compiz from gandalfns repositorys is almost 
deployment ready as is. great job gandalfn!


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