Notes on Beryl

Aigars Mahinovs aigarius at
Mon Oct 30 17:25:27 GMT 2006

On 10/30/06, Thom May <thom at> wrote:
> In this respect I succeeeded admirably. In the respect of having a working,
> well integrated desktop environment, it was a horrible failure. Here's why:

Beryl is very nice and strong, but too many of its features are
exposed in non-HIGish form. If all (or most) of beryl can do could be
exposed via current Gnome configuration interfaces (with some
additions), and if sensibe and conservative defaults would be provided
(with conversion from old settings), then beryl could very well be a
great default window manager.

BTW: beryl manager makes a fallback to metacity if beryl can not be
started or crashes.

It does need a lot of HIG love and integration polish, but in all it
is a very nice improvement.

Most of all I like the ability to tweak the window border themes in a
graphical way with instant feedback.
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