Notes on Beryl

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Mon Oct 30 18:01:08 GMT 2006

> Compiz is not going to be a clone of Metacity. The feature you mention
> was added to metacity 2.14, and it may or may not be added to compiz at
> all. It's not a show stopper for compiz adoption.
> There are more serious issues, like the setup of keybindings through the
> existing GNOME capplet. Søren Sandmann from Red Hat fixed a lot of these
> issues, as Red Hat dropped the Metacity compositor and is going to use
> compiz instead.
> I don't know how the Beryl developers plan to have good integration with
> GNOME without GConf.

To me, this exposes the biggest issue with Beryl. Everybody else
appears to be working on compiz, even RH, dropping its work on
metacity compositing. Given we are already drowing in bugs,does the
pain of maintaining our own WM make it worth the slight benefits?

This is not a knock against the beryl people, merely a statement that,
as a distro, we need to choose sane defaults and going one way where
the rest of the world goes the other is slightly insane, in my opnion.


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