Notes on Beryl

Evandro Fernandes Giovanini efgiovanini at
Mon Oct 30 15:43:00 GMT 2006

Em Seg, 2006-10-30 às 09:26 -0600, Aren Olson escreveu:
> On 10/30/06, Mattias Eriksson <snaggen at> wrote:
>         mån 2006-10-30 klockan 14:14 +0100 skrev Martijn van de Streek:
>         > On Mon, 30 Oct 2006, Thom May wrote:
>         >
>         > > 4) Integration into the rest of the desktop - respect
>         pre-existing settings
>         > > of number of workspaces, ensure that the workspace manager
>         continues to work 
>         > > correctly, get rid of a lot of the "this window manager
>         goes to 11!" options
>         > > in the Settings Manager and make that a System/Preferences
>         applet, etc.
>         > > Also, the themes need to be manageable from the Themes
>         applet (and ideally 
>         > > be the same as metacity themes).
>         >
>         > Also, it needs edge resistance (the metacity-feature I
>         missed the most
>         > when I tried compiz/beryl)
>         Isn't it there? I think you must press shift when you move the
>         window to 
>         make it snap to edges. But there is a setting to invert that
>         behaviour
>         (snap to edges on by default, shift turns it off).
> That only snaps to the edge of the screen. metacity has edge
> resistance for window borders as well. 
> IMHO, Beryl isn't ready for being the default WM yet. It's come a long
> way, but there are still too many little details like this that need
> to be worked out first. 

Compiz is not going to be a clone of Metacity. The feature you mention
was added to metacity 2.14, and it may or may not be added to compiz at
all. It's not a show stopper for compiz adoption.

There are more serious issues, like the setup of keybindings through the
existing GNOME capplet. Søren Sandmann from Red Hat fixed a lot of these
issues, as Red Hat dropped the Metacity compositor and is going to use
compiz instead. 

I don't know how the Beryl developers plan to have good integration with
GNOME without GConf.

> Also, not everyone has a computer capable of running beryl. 

Yes, and that's why Metacity will be available as a fall back option on
distributions that choose to enable compiz or beryl by default.


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