Notes on Beryl

Pavel Rojtberg pavel at
Mon Oct 30 17:05:53 GMT 2006

Aren Olson schrieb:
> IMHO, Beryl isn't ready for being the default WM yet. It's come a long 
> way, but there are still too many little details like this that need to 
> be worked out first. Also, not everyone has a computer capable of 
> running beryl.

thats why I would prefer sticking with metacity and just port the 
desired compiz plugins to it.
The advantages are clear:
Metacity already handles all the fallback stuff for us, so no manual 
intervention is needed when AIGLX is not avaible.
On the other hand metacity does not support all the fancy effects compiz 
does, but IMO OGL accelerated compositing alone is enough for the most 

Although I'd like to see metacity implementig the following compiz plugins:
* cube(in slide mode) for desktop switching
* switcher for live preview in Alt+Tab
* scale as an Alt+Tab alternative


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