proposal: internet-cafe software

Alexandre Strube - UAB surak at
Mon Oct 23 11:54:23 BST 2006

El dom, 22-10-2006 a las 12:24 +0200, David Prieto escribió:

> PS, another thing I was asked from cafe owners was a software that
> would allow them to revert the computer to a previously saved state,
> i.e. automatically delete all the shit that users download from the
> web or get from their contacts. Is there such a tool in Ubuntu? I just
> found Watchpost ( ) which seems to
> monitor changes but lacks the deleting part at the moment.

This subject of cybercafé is good enough to spawn a new version of
Ubuntu - a cafébuntu, if you want :) which would work as a live cd or
one that would install itself way quicker than the current one, without
asking too much, and already prepared for the café environment, so no
configuration on the "terminal" side is required.

Just an idea.

Alexandre Strube
surak at

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