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on 2006/10/26 Matthew Paul Thomas <mpt at> wrote:

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> I think an Ubuntu bundle that could be installed at Internet cafés with
> a minimum of fuss would be a fantastic idea. If you can find someone
> interested in implementing it, please do write a spec for it.
> On Oct 23, 2006, at 12:10 AM, David Prieto wrote:
> > ...
> > Yes, I've been talking to him just a moment ago. Anyway, what exactly
> > does an internet cafe control program need to do? CCL handles lots of
> > things like soft drinks sold and things like that, which I don't think
> > would be needed.
> Many if not most Internet cafés sell things other than Internet time.
> (Coffee, CD-Rs, memory cards, postcards, faxing...)
> > ...
> >       •       It handles the communication betwen client and server, so
> you
> > don't have to care about sockets, and things like that.
> >       •       Suport for secure connections using OpenSSL.
> >       •       Flexible tarifs system.
> >       •       Support for selling products, etc
> >       •       Support for members (they can have different tarifs)
> >       •       It controls the time of the client sessions, and
> calculates the
> > price.
> >       •       Support for countdown sessions, session pausing, swaping
> sessions
> > from one workstation to another, etc.
> >       •       Logging capabilities, and log searching.
> >
> >  Which ones would be essential?
> All of those, with the possible exceptions of member accounts and
> logging.
> Also, a timer client that customers cannot shut down (but which they
> can pause and resume), showing them how much time they've used and how
> much it will cost them.
> Cheers
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Great idea! I've read in a computermagazine that alot if internetcafés,
hotels etc. here in the Netherlands has all over spyware in their computers.
Just because the computers arent secure. A good OS like Ubuntu Linux would
be fantastic! Also because it is free. Then they also can not say "we don't
have enough money for security of our computers" or whatever they say.
Really, it's a great idea! Also it would be good when people could just take
Ubuntu CDs from the internet café with them, to install it at home. (like
the internet cafés 'sell' it, but then for free)


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