proposal: internet-cafe software

Oliver Grawert ogra at
Sun Oct 22 12:24:14 BST 2006

Am Sonntag, den 22.10.2006, 13:10 +0200 schrieb David Prieto:
> > i know pete savage wants to write a new spec for feisty that deals with
> > enhancements of SCP.
> Hi Oliver.
> Yes, I've been talking to him just a moment ago. Anyway, what exactly
> does an internet cafe control program need to do? 
great :)

>       * It handles the communication betwen client and server, so you
>         don't have to care about sockets, and things like that. 
well, SCP isnt designed to handle any client/server stuff, it handles
ltsp desktop sessions on the server (its more a ltsp gui session manager
than anything else) so everything it can do should be seen in this

>       * Suport for secure connections using OpenSSL. 
well, no idea what for that should be needed if i already have full
control over the users session through SCP.

>       * Flexible tarifs system. 
that could be a plugin, computing the billing data based on which kind
of user is logged in how long and probably on which kind of client he
was logged in.

>       * Support for selling products, etc 
well, that should rather be in a separate application, but i could
imagine having a plugin in SCP that supplieas the data for a point of
sale software.

>       * Support for members (they can have different tarifs) 
that should be a subfunction of the tarif plugin

>       * It controls the time of the client sessions, and calculates
>         the price. 

>       * Support for countdown sessions, session pausing, swaping
>         sessions from one workstation to another, etc. 
countdown sessions should be easily possible as plugin, session transfer
and pausing is something that needs to be implemented on a system level
and is beyond SCP or ltsp.

>       * Logging capabilities, and log searching.
the ltsp clients are able to log in the servers syslog, if this feature
is enabled in ltsp its easy to have a plugin that extracts the messages
for a specific client and user from the system logs.

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