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Thu Oct 26 04:57:32 BST 2006

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I think an Ubuntu bundle that could be installed at Internet cafés with 
a minimum of fuss would be a fantastic idea. If you can find someone 
interested in implementing it, please do write a spec for it.

On Oct 23, 2006, at 12:10 AM, David Prieto wrote:
> ...
> Yes, I've been talking to him just a moment ago. Anyway, what exactly 
> does an internet cafe control program need to do? CCL handles lots of 
> things like soft drinks sold and things like that, which I don't think 
> would be needed.

Many if not most Internet cafés sell things other than Internet time. 
(Coffee, CD-Rs, memory cards, postcards, faxing...)

> ...
> 	• 	It handles the communication betwen client and server, so you 
> don't have to care about sockets, and things like that.
> 	• 	Suport for secure connections using OpenSSL.
> 	• 	Flexible tarifs system.
> 	• 	Support for selling products, etc
> 	• 	Support for members (they can have different tarifs)
> 	• 	It controls the time of the client sessions, and calculates the 
> price.
> 	• 	Support for countdown sessions, session pausing, swaping sessions 
> from one workstation to another, etc.
> 	• 	Logging capabilities, and log searching.
>  Which ones would be essential?

All of those, with the possible exceptions of member accounts and 

Also, a timer client that customers cannot shut down (but which they 
can pause and resume), showing them how much time they've used and how 
much it will cost them.

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